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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 16, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> glenn: tomorrow, you don't want to miss the show. the t.s.a. and the full body scanners. something is wrong with that story. we're going to talk to a few experts that have some information that surprisingly no one else has covered. yeah. don't miss it. tomorrow night. from new york, good night, from new york, good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> glenn: congressman charles rangel is convicted of breaking house ethics rules while another african-american lawmaker is at the center of an intraparty fight. new t.s.a. procedures have fliers up in arms. former governor sarah palin talks about her plans for 2012 in the continuing series. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. house democrats are expressing sadness and some division tonight. rumblings of tension under lay pointed an ongoing debate over a leadership post for the top
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african-american member. while one of the most powerful lawmakers of the last half century has suffered a humiliating fall from grace. here is correspondent james rosen. >> reporter: for two-and-a-half years in front of cameras and behind closed doors, congressman charles rangel fought to stave off the moment but never contested the underlying charge against him. the 80-year-old democrat who represented harlem for four decades finds his options narrowing. >> count ten. conduct of vode of violation of ethics. >> the panel found rangel former chairman of the tax writing ways and means committee guilty of 11 violations of house rules, including failure to disclose income from property in the do min -- dominican republic. use of letterhead to solicit funds for center in his honor and conduct unbecoming of a congressman. >> it's been shattered in
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order to complete the work this year. don't you believe in any process i should be able to speak to the 40 witnesses or call the witnesses or to hear what they had to say? i would think so. >> chairman lovekin will lead the full panel of the panel of the sub committee finding and crafting of recommendation to the full house for punishment, which could include reprimand, censure or expulsion but the latter likely won't happen. but when the lawmakers commented they tended to speak of the man, not the misdeeds. >> mr. rangel has been a legend ever since i was in high school. >> i've known him since 1965. he's always been a friend. >> the service to his country. >> things he has been found guilty of not --
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[inaudible ] >> c.d.c. has been disquieted by the clyburn forced out of leadership by a battle with steny hoyer of maryland. speaker nancy pelosi favors to remain as the minority leader to have a new position to preserve clyburn as number three in the pecking order. >> we don't know what the proposal would look like so we're justing to make sure that there is meaning to it. >> the group common cause claimed that the rangel investigation established facts seem clear at the outset consume two years. thousands of taxpayer funded man howers, $1.6 million in legal fees for rangel but not cost him his seat. >> bret: we'll follow that. thank you. if you are planning to fly for the holidays you may experience something new and unpleasant at the airport. that prospect has sparked a
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furious backlash that is reaching to capitol hill. correspondent molly henneberg explains. >> the threat is ever changing and so too much airport security. so says john pistol head of the transportation security administration. >> we want to be sensitive to people's concerns about privacy, their personal being and things while ensuring that everybody on every flight has been properly screened. >> he was questioned today after passengers are complaining about the detail scanning machines in many airport and and the thorough patdown that left a san diego man to record his experience with t.s.a. security. >> if you touch my junk i'll have you arrested. >> i don't understand how a sexual assault can be made -- >> this is not considered a sexual assault. >> it would be if you weren't the government. >> homeland security says there is a specific reason why the government is putting the new procedures in place. >> we need to keep unauthorized liquid powders
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and gels off of aircraft, just as we need to keep unauthorized metal objects off of aircraft. >> in part due to umar farouk abdulmutallab who tried to detonate explosives hidden in his underwear on a flight to detroit last christmas. still, some say the t.s.a. is going too far. one virginia man organizing a national opt-out day next wednesday. the big travel day before thanksgiving, urging air travelers to opt out of the full body scan in favor of a pat-down. >> i don't think that the government has the right to look under the clothes of anyone that it wants without reasonable cause. >> a republican congressman says more than 20 airport, including san francisco used privat contractors rather than screeners from t.s.a. which she says ballooned to a huge bureaucracy of 67,000 employees.
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>> we need to look at the whole process that is expense iver an and i don't think it's efficient or effective. >> secretary napolitano says there may be adjustment to the screening procedure, but overall she says if people don't like the screening, they don't have fly. >> bret: more on this with the panel. stocks tumbled today. dow tumbled 178. the republican challenger won the race in the northern chicago suburbs. joe walsh is up by 297 votes unofficially over incumbent melissa bean after the counting of absentee ballots in three counties. neither side is commenting. bean is in washington for the lame duck session of congress but scheduled a news conference back home for tuesday. the campaign manager for lisa murkowski says the republican is getting ready to claim victory wednesday night. he said if murkowski gets 89% of the write-in votes being separated today, she will have
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an insurmountable lead on republican nominee joe miller. murkowski trailed miller on monday with 7,000 additional votes for her challenged by miller's observers. whoever wins in alaska will be answered to the same republican leadership next year that is currently in place. that leadership moments ago guided the rank and file to approve a two-year ban on earmarks. by a near unanimous voice vote. chief political correspondent carl cameron is following the action on capitol hill. >> senate republicans showed off the newly re-elected leadership team but spent the afternoon behind closed doors proposing ban on earmarks. >> we have a great opportunity to demonstrate we're responding to what the american people clearly would like for us to do. cut the spending. cut the debt. get private sector job
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creation going again. >> a day after mitch mcconnell banned the earmarks, the democratic senate majority leader harry reid dug in. arguing against sharing congressional control of the nation's purse strings with the executive branch. >> i think it's a step backward and gives power to the executive. i'm not one who believes in that. i'm not in favor of delegating my constitutional responsibility to the white house. >> the republicans pushed forward with closed door vote putting them unofficially on the record as a group. jim demint was the main force. >> i'm proud of the leadership who listened to the fellow republicans and the voters. >> despite reid's opposition, bipartisan lawmakers hope to force procedural vote in the full senate right away. todd coburn teamed up with claire mccaskill to ban earmarks that could be attached to unrelated food safety bill tomorrow.
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pressure is on democrats. >> it's important that my party listen to the voters. we've got to listen to the voters. that's why this is so important. >> mark udoff and john mccain are cosponsoring the effort. president obama long backed earmark ereform and now his former rival is calling him out. >> if the president supports this and i'd like to see him send a message to the democrats in the senate saying vote for a moratorium for two years on earmarks. put his money where his mouth is. >> it's likely to be ruled out of order be awe procedural vote is expected to put lawmakers on the official record. at the end of it all there was one republican opposed to the ban, james inhoff but it was muted. they agreed to support balanced budget amendment in the constitution.
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and cut non-defense spending to 2008 levels and oppose new unfunded mandates or new entitlements and unspent stimulus cash, they want to give back. all of it is non-binding. >> bret: president obama presented the medal of honor to the first living service member from iraq or afghanistan wars to receive the nation's highest military declaration. >> we saw a chilling sight. silhouette of pulling the other bodies away. these were sal's best friends. sal took aim killed an insurgent and wounded the other who ran off. >> bret: after the ceremony, the sergeant talked about it meant. >> i'd give this back in a
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second to have my friends with me right now. >> there are so many others who are unsung heroes of theer war. >> bret: you can see more on and jennifer griffin profiled the sergeant weeks ago. that's on the home page how did dancing get so political. that's later in the grapevine. and sarah palin burst on the national political stage in 2008. coming up, we ask her what's next. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ] [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continu ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. take the scary out of life with travelers.
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and they work closely with business leaders to develop curriculum to meet the needs of top businesses. which means when our graduates walk in the room, they're not only prepared... they're prepared to lead. devry university's keller graduate school of management. learn how to grow the business of you at >> bret: china boosted its holding of u.s. debt in september. the u.s. treasury now says china has almost $884 billion in american securities. up 1.7% from august. china's investment in cyber warfare may be even more
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disturbing. national correspondent catherine herridge tells us about an alarming incident earlier in year. >> a government report concludes for 18 minutes in april of this year, china was able to push 15% of the world's internet traffic through the servers in china. internet protocol halftiming. and they described the scenario this way. >> you look at it and say that's interesting. we have all the data going to host in china. why is that? a federal agency shouldn't send that much to china. the flow is going one way. red alert, red alert. >> in this case, the hijacking affecting traffic to and from u.s." and military sites. for context, one expert said the networks were compromised
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for short period of time. >> 18 minutes is a very good response. it'd challenge anybody in private industry to be close to that. >> combatting the larger problem of chinese hacking requires unified front by the u.s. intelligence community. the ranking member of the house intelligence committee says the d.n.i., director of national intelligence has yet to provide it. >> we have cyber command. we've got the d.n.i. we still have the department of defense and the c.i.a. we have an intel community with four heads, not one. >> this report will be officially released to congress on wednesday, ammizes the u.s. chi that relations from the economic and national security perspective and it specifically looks at the increasingly sophisticated nature of malicious computer activity by the chinese. according to one of the report commissioner peter brook. >> they feel that they could use for instance undertake a digital pearl harbor against the united states and win a war without firing a shot. >> former senior intelligence official who oversaw the cyber
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security told fox the attack of the future will likely combine traditional attacks like a car bomb or i.e.d.s with a cyber attack to limit the government responsibility to respond. there have been cases where the terrorist groups used the cyber crimes to finance the operation. bret? >> bret: thank you. >> you're welcome. >> bret: britain's prince william is officially engaged to long-time girlfriend kate middleton who now wears the late princess diana's engagement ring. the couple are to be married next spring or summer in london. up next, is sarah palin getting ready to jump in to the race for the white house? our 12 in 2012 series eggland's best eggs.
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>> bret: tonight our 12 in 2012 series continues with a look at former alaska governor sarah palin, a woman now familiar with most americans. this evening, sarah palin in her own words on whether she will run for president. >> governor, sarah palin in the great state of alaska. >> from the moment john mccain made sarah palin his surprise choice for president, it was clear the alaska governor was a new republican star. >> she drew huge enthusiastic crowds but also became target of the "saturday night live" ridicule, the rumors about her family. >> wasn't your child. that was another thing. it was really bristol's child. >> right. >> bret: the sniping about the clothes and who paid for them. >> wasn't that ridiculous? that was ridiculous. you know what? that hasn't changed. >> or the down right loathing. >> sarah palin, extremism.
6:22 pm
>> much of the discomfort from palin came from a series of interviews after her nomination. >> have you ever traveled outside the country? >> two years and many interviews later, star you power on one hand and constant attacks from the other endured. the combination makes her decision rather to run for president in 20122 one of the most important milestones in a race that is just beginning. >> where are you on the 2012 run? >> i don't know. there are others who are principled and hardworking and willing to make the sacrifices, as a family, individual and candidate and elected official doing what i do, the biggest supporter and i want to get them elected as president. but there is nobody else that i think wants to do the job and is willing to make tough decisions and isn't so caught up in the political machine they believe they have to
6:23 pm
compromise then i'd be willing to make the sacrifices and run for office. >> if palin does run, her critics underestimate her at their peril. says conservative author angelo codebilla. >> here is someone born with no advantages. she is a wife and mother, does well as a member of the school board, mayor of her town. runs for governor. beats the old boy. and then is introduced to national politics. where she vilified like unlike any other politician vilified in this century. and continues to inspire millions. >> those millions of palin supporters include large swath of the tea party movement, who believe the government has been hijacked by the governing elite. palin hears them. >> americans are saying we can't keep doing business as usual in d.c. voters expect a smarter,
6:24 pm
smaller government. more individual and state rights. solutions that will get the country on the right track. >> you talk about cutting the federal budget. what one program would you start with? >> we'd have a spending freeze and hiring freeze. tell the bureaucracies no, you're not going to get an automatic increase in your government program just because it's a new fiscal year. why is the assumption of the government has to grow? >> >> can you cut enough to make a dent? >> yeah. look what we just did with $1 trillion in stimulus? all that stimulus package actually stimulated was tea party americans saying no more. look at this. look at what obama care will cost. we start to look at market orient oriented patients. we talk a trillion there and there. it will start adding up. >> bret: if you were to name one foreign policy issue, most pressing, most crucial, what would it be?
6:25 pm
>> we could not allow iran to have its hands on a nuclear weap weapon. if we don't do the right thing we can only imagine the consequences and what they are. >> she is in a good position to win republican nomination, but not good to win the presidency in a general election. she is probably the most polarizing. polarizing candidates rarely are elected president. >> what do you say to analysts who say it would be tough for you to reach the middle? >> i won't compromise on my core values, and that smaller smarter government makes more sense than today. the freedom and free market are answers to the problems we face today. >> bret: it's not so much her values that make people feel she might win but worry too many don't see her as a plausible president. even fellow fox news contributor karl rove citing palin's new mini series on
6:26 pm
t.l.c. questions whether she has the gravitas to be elected. >> bret: karl rove had a quote recently. i'm not certain how it fits in american calculus and helps me see you in the oval office. yeah, i don't know how ronald reagan was seen in the oval office, having come from a career in television. hmm, karl. >> bret: do you see a connection to reagan? >> reagan was criticized for being an idealogue. for being too superficial, idealistic, too optimistic. a bit too independent. i see a comparison in maybe some of our record. but nobody can be compared to ronald reagan. >> bret: a better comparison for palin-white house run might be the campaign of the man she'd look to replace. senator barack obama was a relative unknown four years before he ran. he had less than two years experience in high office.
6:27 pm
palin does have executive experience. she quit before the end of her first term as governor saying the media obsession and the political efforts were hurting the state of alaska. while barack obama was powerfully attractive as the first black presidential candidate, palin would be as historic. the first woman to be nominated for oval office. the question is whether a chance to make history willoff set swing voters two have doubts about palin. all he says if she does run, expect unexpected. >> i never had polls connected before i jumped in. i never had exploratory committee tell me what i should do. if i believe i should do it, i'll jump out there and do it. >> next up in the 12 in 2012 series, indiana congress mman
6:28 pm
mike pence wednesday on the "special report." bristol palin and tea party are in cahoots? don't miss this in the grapevine. key member of the republican leadership team points a finger at chairman michael steele. hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices?
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because i'm also making you a smoothie. [ male announcer ] marriott hotels & resorts knows it's better for xerox to automate their global invoice process so they can focus on serving their customers. with xerox, you're ready for real business. but now, to get it really cooking, you need a little website development. some transparent reporting, so you know it's working. online ads and 1-on-1 marketing consultation. yellowbook's got all that. yellowbook360 has a whole spectrum of tools. the perfect recipe for success. visit and go beyond yellow. >> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. it seems a version of what has been dubbed the sarah palin derangement syndrome has taken
6:32 pm
another twirl on the dance floor, this time directed at daughter bristol, who is competing on "dancing with the stars." conspiracy theories have been growing charging that her mother's popularity and even the tea party movement are the only reasons bristol lasted so long on the show. gary stein of the "orlando sentinel" writes that bristol is one of the worst dancers they've had and continues with this quote -- >> bret: over at the liberal daily post comes this gem -- >> bret: show host tom burgeron, self-proclaimed liberal democrat says he has no patience for the conspiracy theories about her longevity on the show adding --
6:33 pm
republican national committee political director gentry collins blasting chairman michael steele on his way out the door. collins resigned today citing disorganization and financial problems within the leadership. his resignation letter read in part, "we enter the 2012 presidential cycle with 100% of the r.n.c.'s $15 million in lines of credit tapped out and unpaid bills likely to add millions to that debt." the r.n.c. response its efforts contribute to what it calls the most successful election for the republican party in modern times. finally, russian prime minister rather vladimir putin has been depicted as a pretty macho guy in all of the kremlin releases. we have seen him shirtless riding a horse, shirtless carrying a gun, whale hunting with a crossbow, but now a softer side. putin cuddled up with a sheep dog pup last week. that was a gift from his bulgarian counterpart. one of the items that may
6:34 pm
be up for consideration in the lame duck session of congress is called the dream act. but it is a nightmare for some opposed to citizenship for illegal aliens. white house correspondent mike emanuel looks at both sides of the issue. >> president obama reiterated his support for passage of the dream act and comprehensive immigration reform in a private meeting with members of the congressional hispanic caucus. in september the president spoke publicly in favor of the legislation. >> i will do whatever it takes to support the congressional hispanic cause cuss effort to pass the bill so i can sign it in to laws on behalf of students seeking a college education and those who wish to serve in our country's uniform. >> the dream act is desiped to give children of illegal immigrants eventualual path to citizenship that requires earning a college degree or serving two years in the military. earlier in year, harry reid tried to attach it to a must passed bill and criticized trying to win support from
6:35 pm
hispanic voters. others suggest it's first step on road to amnesty. there is bipartisan support. nancy pelosi may try to get it passed in the house in the lame duck session. according to strategists. >> she surprised people in the last few weeks and i think she is ready to surprise people on the issue. >> she says the house republicans may buy in if the dream act is combined with a serious effort to especially force the border. >> comprehensive immigration reform includes border security. it's something the dream act doesn't have. >> the controversial part is providing illegal students with in-state tuition at the taxpayer funded state schools. the current bill would allow states to decide. california, texas are among ten states offering in-state break to illegal immigrants. now have out-of-state students attending the university of california say they'll take the case to the supreme court.
6:36 pm
>> american public understands that sometimes unlawful aliens and american citizens are treated and should be treated equally. but they do not understand why an unlawful alien should be treated four times better than an american citizen. >> the most analysts argue the take-away from the election was that the american public is worried about jobs and the economy. that leaves critics to question wisdom of taking up the dream act now. >> bret: the big bipartisan meeting was supposed to happen thursday at the whiteouse with congressional leaders. just got an e-mail that's changed? >> we heard from the beginning the white house was confident it would happen thursday. leaders on capitol hill on republican side said they weren't sure it would fit their calendars. we knew it would be a busy week with congress coming back to work in the lame duck session and it has been postponed until the 30th, bret. >> bret: interesting. we'll follow up on that. thank you. former president george w. bush broke ground today on his presidential center. the library and institute will
6:37 pm
be on the campus of southern methodist university in dallas. the $250 million center is expected to open in 2013. congressman charles rangel, guilty of 11 counts of house ethics violations. we'll talk about his conviction. what is next with the fox all-stars when we come back. gecko: are you ready for your talk, sir? boss: just going over how geico helps people save in even more ways... ...with good driver discounts, multi-car discounts, defensive driver discounts... woman: you! oh, don't act like you don't recognize me! toledo, '03?
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t covers 97% of all americans. rethink possible. ever since the magna carta, the constitution, the hearing, i don't care what it is, a person should have the right to counsel if they're accused of anything. in addition to that, have the opportunity to prepare. >> bret: congressman charles rangel responding to fox news after a day in which house ethics sub committee found him guilty of 11 counts of violating house rules. 11 counts. there was 14 originally. split vote on the third count that had to do with the house
6:41 pm
gift ruled, therefore, it was cleared an one count for violation of congressional postage. it was rolled in one. guilty on 11 counts on the substance. we talked about that numerous times, the charges that rangel has been facing and had been facing. now they're meeting to talk about sanctions and where to go from here. what about all of this? bring in the panel. fred barnes, executive eder to of "weekly standard." a.b. stoddard of "the hill." and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. okay, charles, your thoughts? >> when you have to appeal to the magna carta, you're pathetic. his defense is he couldn't afford a lawyer. what what is he indij innocent? he has place in dominican republic. he just doesn't have a defense. the only issue now is level of punishment. won't be expelled and probably get reprimand. why he didn't settle it months ago i don't know.
6:42 pm
he thought he'd run out the clock or dodge it in some way. a sad photonote on iconic career. >> bret: the full ethics committee will meet thursday and this is the next phase to go over sanctions. what are the possibilities here? charles mentioned he doesn't think it will go the full expulsion from the house. >> it doesn't look like he will get expelled but there will be a letter that he will admit wrongdoing. mr. rangel did not have to invite the trial. he's so full of bluster and made a huge scene unnecessarily. charles is also right when you are drowning, the magna carta cannot save you. this is the least of the democrats' worries. monday after thanksgiving we have the trial of maxine waters. that's coming up. we have the caucus re-electing
6:43 pm
nancy pelosi minority leader. nancy pelosi as everyone knows very protective of charles rangel for a long time in the beginning. ultimately, he did have to step down from the chairmanship of the house ways and means committee. this is embarrassing theater at this point. i don't think the committee will recommend expulsion. they'll give him something, slap on the wrist but for that he didn't have to put on such a show. >> fred, the ethics committee council said he was overzealous in many things he did and yet, he's guilty of violation of house rules. >> he wasn't disputing the facts at all. they were there and clear violations. obvious when he says i haven't had time to build a case or get a lawyer. the charges emerged more than two years ago. purely a delaying tactic. it wasn't as if it was just republicans on the pam of
6:44 pm
eethics committee. the most amazing thing is when he acted like the guy who kills his parents and then pleads for the mercy of the court because he's an orphan. as a.b. said, he stormed out of the meeting on monday. how can he act when he wasn't even in the room? it was his choice not to be there. this is all -- he committed violations and made it much worse by what they are doing now. >> bret: a.b., you mentioned the turmoil for the democratic caucus. and he is upp for created leader by nancy pelosi. the house speaker, take a listen to this, the congressional black caucus member.
6:45 pm
>> we don't know what the portfolio would look like but there is meaning to it so we will find in a non-threatening way to get closure from what clyburn is supposed to the. >> bret: what is he exactly supposed to do? he was running against steny hoyer. >> right. clyburn didn't have vote to be number two. he is the number three right now and he wanted to be null two. and steny hoyer, what he has done for the caucus is incomparable and cannot be matched. he has the votes. in a play of raw power on friday, the speaker gave him a special position. this is ill lust trative of the update and frustration in the ranks not only on the conservative side of the caucus but the liberal side. you see the congressional black caucus questioning the deal she gave clyburn to say they will take a longer look to see if it's for real.
6:46 pm
again, she has called in every chip. a raw you power play. she will probably win minority leader election but unhappy people across the spectrum in the caucus. >> bret: charles? >> i think of the aperiences here at a time when democrats are defeated, republicans rallied around banning earmarks, popular form of symbolism. if you look at the democrats you see petty arguing over how much the office that clyburn will get, receive in funds. that looks pretty sort of intraspeculative and selfish and clueless on part of the democrats. at the time the country is in turmoil. and they are expecting something new out of the house and this is what they get out of the democrats. >> bret: quickly down the row if i could, about this schedule change. this was all this looking forward to the big bipartisan meeting at the white house. now we get a release confirmed on capitol hill, because of
6:47 pm
the scheduling issues with senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and house minority leader john boehner the meeting has been moved from the 18th to the 30th. what about that? >> i can assure you if mcconnell won the it willry and awarding depended on that appearing that night he would have undone scheduling difficulties. this is a delay. we spoke about this off the air and it looks as if the ideas are the republicans are not prepared to deal on tax cuts. they'd rather wait and stall as the first of january approaches. pressure for the president. then he is the one who has to cave. it gives them perhaps they're thinking, gives them slight negotiating advantage if they hold out, run out the clock. >> i would agree it's delaying tactic. this is interesting. the democrats don't have the votes in the senate for the tax cuts. if the democrats have the vote they would have passed them before the election. this is why it's been punted to the lame duck. they can force him to cave now. i can't imagine why else they
6:48 pm
would have rescheduled. >> there is talk of an up or down vote on the middle class tax cuts, talk floating around today about that. could it be a push back on all of that talk? >> of course, it's pushback on that. the republicans, their best offer is to extent all the tax cuts for four years. that's what they want. with the clock ticking and more pressure on the democrats and president obama, they think they will get a better deal. they'll get closer to that. scheduling difficulties. that's when i told the other people, i had tonight. that's why i'm here. i told them i had scheduling difficulties. >> bret: happy you are. >> they had no idea. >> right. >> bret: no idea. now they know. next up, t.s.a. pat-down and x-ray screening.
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we want to be sensitive to people's concerns about privacy, about their personal being and things. while ensuring that everybody on every flight has been properly screened. >> i don't think that the government has the right to look under the clothes of anyone it wants without reasonable cause. i think we need to set a limit between security and privacy. i think it takes at it step too far. >> bret: that is one virginia man who says the t.s.a. is going too far at the airport and organizing an opt-out day wednesday before thanksgiving, saying air travelers should opt out of the full body scans in favor of a pat-down. slow things down. that should be fun. meanwhile, the t.s.a. is defending its efforts to keep people safe. we're back with the panel. fred? >> this can not go on this way
6:53 pm
for sure. people running t.s.a. have to get a grip. when you go on the internet it's bubbling over with video of a 3-year-old for heaven's sake going please don't touch me, please don't touch me and guys talking about how the t.s.a. people have gone inside their underwear. and some of them have much much more graphic than that. then a look of people for perfectly good reasons that i don't share do not want to go through the scanners. they don't want the x-rays and so on. that's fine. but insisting on them is crazy. then if the alternative is that you are going to be frisked in a way you've never been frisked before in your life, look, they have to do something to get a grip there. it's not all their fault. one of the problems is they're not allowed to do what is obvious, what they need to do. that is profile! they have to -- look, easy to find out, to be able to go in and say look, this 3-year-old
6:54 pm
girl is something we can let go through, the 80-year-old grandfather but it's different when you have the muhammad look alike. you want him to be someone you frisk. >> bret: under 12 is supposed to be exempt. 12 years old. there have been a lot of stories on the internet, videos, a.v., yet the security folks are saying we need to do this, because the threat is real. >> right. this has been determined by the enemy who would put explosion ivers in places that invasive pat-downs won't detect. fred is saying -- we're without a good answer here. you either accept the dose of radiation you receive in full body scanner and the government, janet napolitano, the director of homeland security is maintaining it's a low enough level of emission, from those scanners. if the government believes that that is true they need to campaign about that. and convince us that the scanners are safe. this is really obviously something determined by the fact that people who pack
6:55 pm
explosives and get on mraeps and kill hundreds of people at a time. i think probably it's fair to come up separate rules with pilots. it understand why they are feeling a bit traumatized. maybe they should be examined in private. this is not something that the t.s.a. and government has come up with because they want to have a good time. this is something they've come up with because they literally feel that explosives escape detection. >> out of this, american hero emerges by a guy refusing the pat-down and scanning saying, "don't touch my junk." that is the banner of the year 2010. it doesn't have the elegance of "don't tread on me," but that was the age of the musket. this is the age of twitter. it has a directness i like. over the age, people come up with hundreds of words to describe the private parts. this guy just invented a new one. quite remarkable.
6:56 pm
the point he's trying to make, we're completely insane. israelis understand how to do it. you look for not the object, but the terrorist. unless we do that, it's insanity. everyone in these lines knows that 90% of the inspections are completely worthless and done for political correctness and appearance. cut it out and have real inspection and safety. >> cargo screening is lacking meantime. >> it makes no sense at all. >> bret: that's it for panel. stay tuned for a man's bad photo day. [ k. tyrone ] i'm an engineer. my kids say i speak a different language. but i love math and math and science develop new ideas. we've used hydrogen in our plants for decades. the old hydrogen units were veryarge. recently, we've been able to reduce that. then our scientists said "what if we could make it small enough to produce and use hydrogen right on board a car,
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